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Preisser UK Ltd. is the UK's leading supplier of precision measuring instruments. Our extensive product range covers all forms of measuring instruments, from calipers to height gauges, rules to squares.

The UK sales arm of the German company Preisser Messtechnik Gmbh, the business is family run and was founded in 1939.

The factory in Gammertingen, close to the Black Forest, currently employs 105 people, and is the largest employer in the small town, manufacturing a complete range of high quality, precision measuring instruments.

Since 1980, the production area has doubled in size to 6000 square meters, including a calibration centre, which guarantees traceability to national German standards. The company system aspires to ISO 9001.

A large stockholding of raw materials, part-finished and finished goods are maintained to ensure a fast and efficient delivery.

The business maintains flexibility and is proud to offer specialized products for customers, and associates with its sister company, Premega, which provides custom-made multigauging systems and high-technology measuring solutions. Full 180-page catalogues have been printed in German, English and Hungarian.

Preisser UK Ltd. is the exclusive British agent, and is directed by Mr. Simon Lucas, who has been involved in Metrology for the last eighteen years and can help with your enquiries.

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